My work deals with form, space, time, and energy. It expresses the duality of life: the invisible wave patterns of energy - that inner world - and the physical world of particles of matter; expounding the significance of synchronized (energy) patterns which create forms in space, and in essence, bring form to life itself. These works are a reflection of this inner energy.

Each piece may also present specific ideas, metaphors, and/or possible solutions to sculptural problems. Some deal with the problem of base and its relation to space; others convey different kinds of space - space/time and aesthetic space for example - or color, patterns and motion; or perhaps any combination of these. Although I have my own interpretations, I do not wish to impose limits by describing them in detail. Therefore, it is enough if a piece speaks to the individual on his or her own terms. What is important is that the work encourages one to simply stop and experience it, to wonder and reflect, to use one's imagination to join in aesthetic contemplation and the creative process.

Visual art must live without strict definitions, or at least all limiting definitions should be thoughtfully winnowed. Art and the viewer must be allowed to expand in (theoretical) freedom. Too much explanation of concept and meaning has the danger of confining a work of art and robbing the viewer of his or her own individuality and consciousness. Each person carries within an accumulation of one's self and the world around them which changes exponentially at any given point in time with each new experience and encounter. By not restricting an individual's experiences with limiting definitions allows for a freshness of experience, an innocence, a childlike wonder, which may lead to awareness and discovery - and if we are fortunate - to sense a oneness with the work of art where form, space, time, energy, and ourselves dissolve into one interconnected whole.

Visual art is the manifestation of consciousness into our physical world. Wave patterns transform into particles, so to speak, giving our consciousness a more identifiable reality where we are able to see it, touch it, examine it, and feel it emotionally. Then, ultimately, to jump from this bridge and into the pool from whence it came - back to a childlike wonder, an innocence, to intuitively sense truth: an awareness that the individual is connected to all that is, to feel the unity and mutual interrelation of all things and events - parts of the whole - as different manifestations of the same ultimate reality.

The whole physical world can be seen as reflections of this inner energy - just as visual art, music, dance and literature are reflections of our soul, our spiritual essence. These are some of the ways that our souls communicate, nourish and grow.

This awareness of interconnectedness is showing itself in our society, in our growing awareness and concern for environmental issues, world wide economic and political changes, science and the new physics. Hopefully, this awareness will build and grow like a wave pattern, touching and effecting every part of our society. Art is one way to help prepare the mind for awareness, much like a mantra is used to prepare the mind for meditation.

'CONTRARIA SUNT COMPLEMENTA' - (opposites are complimentary)

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