Philip Organ is a Canadian artist who grew up on beautiful Cape Breton Island. The island's rugged, natural environment with its dynamic cycles of change and transformation helped fuel his creative energy.

"My work deals with form, space, time, and energy. It expresses the duality of life: the invisible wave patterns of energy - that inner world - and the physical world of particles of matter; expounding the significance of synchronized (energy) patterns which create forms in space, and in essence, bring form to life itself."

Philip Organ's work has been shown in both commercial and public galleries, including outdoor installations. His preferred medium is direct-metal sculpture, welded and/or assembled aluminum, stainless and painted steel. Also working in various other mediums, including fired clay, cast stone, wood, acrylics, gouache, and mixed media. His interests in modern physics and eastern mysticism, along with his daily practice of tai chi have generated inspirition for some of his work.

Although Philip Organ may have his own interpretations for his work, he does not wish to impose limits by describing them in detail. Philip says, "The important thing is that the work of art encourages one to simply stop and think, to wonder and reflect, using one's imagination to join in the creative process and aesthetic contemplation."

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